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Heat Stroke - Signs, Prevention, and Other Hot Weather Issues

- Knapp Veterinary Hospital - Columbus, Ohio

NEVER leave your pet in the car unattended.

Even with the windows open the temperature in the car can near 100 degrees in less than 10 minutes! Click here to see a video demonstration.

If you do leave your pet in the car don't be surprised if someone breaks your window to save your pet. You may also be charged with animal cruelty.

Make sure your pet has access to plenty of water and protection from the sun. Pet stores even sell collapsible water bowls for travel.

Walk your dog in the morning and evenings. If the temperature is greater than 85 degrees outside you should keep your pet indoors. Let them do their business then right back inside.

Reduce exercise, especially during peak sun intensity hours (approximately 11 am until 3 pm).

Even after dark too much exertion can cause health problems

You can find more information regarding heat stroke below:

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Do not allow your pet on pavement/asphalt - the heat can burn their paw pads. If it's uncomfortable to hold your hand to the pavement for seven seconds then it's uncomfortable for your dog to walk on.

Keep them in the grass or get some booties for them.

There is still the threat of heat stroke on hot days, though, so be careful how long you have your dog out. Being out for only 5 minutes may be too much for some dogs if it's hot enough! Just like us, the elderly are even more susceptible to the heat.