Knapp Veterinary Hospital, Inc.

596 Oakland Park Avenue
Columbus, OH 43214


Informative Websites

- Knapp Veterinary Hospital - Columbus, Ohio

Pet Collage
  • Capital Area Humane Society
    • Find information on adopting pets, puppy/dog training, and applications for free neuter (castration/spay) and Rabies vaccination (low income families only).
  • Cat Welfare Association
    • Find information on adopting cats or apply for a low cost neuter (castration/spay) for a cat you already own (low income families only).
  • Cornell University Feline Health Center
    • Find client education on a variety of feline topics including a link to videos on how to medicate cats, give subcutaneous fluids, trim nails, and care for the diabetic cat.
  • Indoor Pet Initiative
    • Provides an introduction to the needs of indoor pets.