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**Keep your pet safe in October by following the Halloween Safety Tips below**

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Halloween Safety Tips for Pet Owners


  • Tape any exposed electrical cords to walls or floors to deter chewing.
  • Keep candles out of reach and do not leave unattended.


  • Keep candy in a cabinet where your pet cannot reach. Some animals are able to open cabinets and doors.
  • Chocolate can cause vomiting, diarrhea, hyperactivity and possibly seizures or death if even small quantities are consumed.
    • The level of toxicity depends on how much and what kind of chocolate was eaten as well as the size and overall health of your pet.  Types of chocolate include (from least to most toxic):
      • White/milk chocolate
      • Dark chocolate (semi-sweet, dark)
      • Unsweetened chocolate (baker's/baking chocolate)
      • Unsweetened cocoa powder.
  • Candy wrappers can be harmful - they may block the digestive tract.
  • Make sure your pet cannot reach any sugar free products such as Trident. The xylitol in such products can cause severe health problems or even death. Veterinary Partner has more information.


  • Be careful with noises and strangers around easily excited pets and keep them away from trick-or-treaters. Keeping them in a bedroom away from the door may help.
  • Do not use pet costumes if it causes stress to your pet. Make sure any pet costumes are not constrictive, that the pet can't trip over the costume and that there are no rubber bands.
  • Keep your pet inside. Some people will tease or even hurt your animals as a prank.
  • If you take your pet trick-or-treating with you please put a reflective collar, harness or coat on them for their protection. Make sure they are on a leash as well. Loud sounds, lots of people or other animals may scare your pet.